Massachusetts ITS23 Contract Vendor

MortekSolutions specializes in providing complete network solutions that connect users in a secure, reliable, stable environment and protect data against viruses and network assaults.

MortekSolutions is an approved vendor on Massachusetts Technology Procurement Contract ITS23, with authorization in two categories. Through this contract award, MortekSolutions supplies information technology professional services across a wide range of software applications and platforms to contracting departments and agencies within the Commonwealth. MortekSolutions can also provide engineering resource placements at low markup rates to departments and agencies.

MortekSolutions is a minority-owned business and takes great pride in our status as a SOMWBA-certified corporation.

ITS23 Technical Specialist Category*

 Network Analysis and Design
 Network and Systems Security Design and Implementation
 Applications Design and Development
 Software and Systems Integration
 Information Technology Planning
 Fee-based Project or Hourly-rate Invoicing

ITS23 Staff Augmentation, Very Low Overhead Category

 Provide a wide range of technical staff to Contracting Departments
 $2 hourly markup, 21 plus hours
 $5 hourly markup, 20 hours or less
Specifically excluded from the scope of this contract are any services that are not primarily based on intellectual work done by information technology professionals.
Excluded services include document scanning, document management, web hosting, automated network monitoring or any other service provided principally through an automated process, data entry, equipment maintenance, geographic data collection or other data collection which can be performed by non-IT professionals, standardized training courses, and application service provision.
Hardware and pre-existing software may not be offered through this Contract, with the exception of software for which no license fees are charged.

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