Who We Are

MortekSolutions specializes in providing complete network solutions that connect users in a secure, reliable, stable environment and protect data against viruses and network assaults.

MortekSolutions was founded in 2001 to help bridge the gap between various network operating systems and the applications that run on these systems. Headquartered in Boston (MA), the company’s expertise is in the design and development of network and system design. The company is SOMWBA-certified and is an approved vendor for Massachusetts Technology Contract ITS23 in two categories. MortekSolutions is busy providing Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and Citrix IT solutions and support for government agencies and small businesses within Massachusetts.

The need today is for fast, safe, and dependable network infrastructures. MortekSolutions is committed to working with each customer to understand the unique IT needs of that organization. Our company is known for investigating creative possibilities that cross boundaries and mix proven solutions. Creativity and innovation coexist with research, proof of concept, pilot, analysis, refinement, project management, and final implementation.

We approach each engagement with a foundation of time-honored solutions and emerging technologies. Our engineers are technically competent, conceptually independent, critically aware, and dedicated to the art and science of technology.

Our commitment to excellence requires a high standard of technological excellence from our engineers. Many of our staff hold advanced educational and technology degrees, and are actively involved in the process of learning new technologies that fuel the “continuous improvement” of technology solutions.

MortekSolutions has the systems experience, expertise, and project management to successfully complete your project—on time and within budget.

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